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WEBCounter by GOWEB

Love without response

It was a long, cold winter day
When I saw you the first time
You smiled about me, my too big eyes
I was unsure what to do.

Next night I slept, I dreamed of you
Your hair, your eyes, your lips
Next days I thought, I thought of you
I realized I felt in love, but it was...

Love without response -
Every time I see you
I don´t know what I should do...

Love without response -
Every time you meet me
I pray, that you say some words to me...

I asked you: "Babe, let´s try together"
I hoped one week without success
You said: "Good friends, O.K. But nothing more."
Your words killed my heart, killed my soul.

I tried to forget you by working day by day
I tried to change my life, to go my way
But everytime I saw you, you came into my mind
You stayed there, for long time... - love, but only...

Love without response...

We drove together through the nights
Together we helped friends, who doubted in their life
You gave me feedback of my work
But no love, - I had only...

Love without response...


written at Solarpark-Hotel, Freital
08.07.1997 by Söhnchen

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