Besucher seit 13.05.2003:

WEBCounter by GOWEB

Hold you in my arms

Lost in dreams I think of you
See your picture in my mind
See you, as you touch me so softly
Feeling safely in your hands

I want to dive with you
Like dolphins in the sea
We drift together, far away,
in my fantasy...

Each time I see you
I want to hold you in my arms
Each time I hold you
I want to feel you close to me
Please tell me what I have to do
To show you that I love you so
Each time I need you
I want to hold you in my arms.

When I come home and I´m so tired
There´s only one I have to do
Looking out of the window
And fall asleep by dreaming of you

I want to fly with you
Like birds up in the sky
Into the sun, into the light
Only you and I...

Each time I see you...

Day in, day out the same
I love you more and more
It seems, that you are the one
For what I´m living for.

Each time I see you...


written 1998 by Söhnchen

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